Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Waiting for the Ice Cream Truck

It is super hot outside! We are waiting for the ice cream truck to come. We will indulge ourselves with what the ice cream truck can offer. My daughter is so excited when I told her that we will watch out for the ice cream truck.

Yay for us!

I remember, when I was in the Philippines, we don't wait for the ice cream truck as there are no ice cream trucks roaming around. There are "mamang sorbetero" (ice cream man) instead. You can see them pushing their carts with home made ice cream. You hear them with their bells. We call their ice cream the "dirty ice cream". Oh... I miss those days... buying ice cream and put it in between a piece of bread!

(picture not mine)


A Woman's Note said...

inahak, abi nako dia ka pinas...nyahahaha...truck diay diha Lu, kadako gud...lami man sad ning atong dirty ice cream, fav man gani nako, lami mag tilap-tilap hehehe

tejan said...

hahhaha..hala ka cute oi..ingon ana man sa provinsya hitsura..diri kay tidottidot..naman:)

laikka said...

visiting here tita lulu:) gusto ko ana ice cream:)

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