Monday, July 18, 2011

Mommy and Me... Movie Night

Hubby and I love to watch movies. We usually watch movie around or past midnight when our daughter is already asleep.

For a change, we decided to have a family movie night. We watched "Tangled" in DVD. Yes, we have seen the movie couple of times already but it was my daughter's choice to watch it again.

I made popcorn and we had a movie night. Andrea was more excited about the popcorn though! hehehe

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♥ PRETTYMOM ♥ said...

dropping by from Mommy and me monday.

i can't watch a movie without a popcorn. But that is whenever we're at a moviehouse. Haven't tried to make one at home though :)

here's mine

Chelo @ Run Like a Nanay said...

Hi Lulu! Movie nights are fun! Ooo and Tangled is my new favorite movie. I would venture to say it's my daughter's as well (but she's only 4 mo.) How do you make your popcorn? I pop mine in a pot using olive oil. Then season it with spices afterwards (salt, dill, italian, and garlic powder). Um okey excuse me I think Im gonna go make me :)

Dhemz said...

yummy, popcorn! wako entry...hahahah!

Mona said...

Nice bonding moment .. ay popcorn my fave also when watching movies :)

chubskulit said...

Pop corn lover din ako,.. The burritos just watched tangled last week at our neighbors.

Krystyn said...

How fun! We still haven't seen Tangled...and some popcorn sounds good.

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