Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Call from my Brother

I haven't seen my brother since I migrated here in the USA. The last time we saw each other was during our tearful goodbye when I left Philippines last November 2006. He is our youngest. I am always her ATE.

So many things have changed all these years but not our relationship. Despite the distance we kept in touch through emails, instant messenger, facebook, text messages and sometimes phone calls.

He was just a very young professional when I left. He was still undecided which career path to take then. Now, he is already married with a little girl of his own. He seems to be really happy with the career he chose. He now works in an international bound ship practicing his profession as an electrical engineer.

Anyway, their boat docked in Singapore thus he made a call to me. Imagine how happy I am to hear from him? My brother will always be the little brother that I used to think of him. Though he has matured and grown all this years, he will forever remain a little brother to me.


A Woman's Note said...

Haguy, pagka sweet si Ate diri...gimingaw na jud ka sa imo manghud LU, klarex hehehe

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