Friday, September 23, 2011

Shopping Day

I have some online works to do but I wanted to get out of the house and do some shopping. My friends and I went to the outlet mall. We really didn't have anything in particular to shop. We just want to have some fun at the mall.

We ended up looking for some hats. We went to the store and look for hats of our favorite teams. My favorite team is LSU but I couldn't find something that I like. I was looking for a gold or purple hat but I can't find the style I want.

Then we went to GAP. We found good summer outfits there. We were able to snag outfits that was just $0.97 each. It was such a deal that we almost bought it all!

Then, my daughter told me that it is time to go to red mango to get some yogurt with M&M's. It is her favorite and she thinks every time we go to the outlet mall we have to buy a cup there.

It was a great day! Good buys and good eat!


Happiness said...

Yesterday I went to Gap too and I found an underwear for $3.42. It was not cheap as what you bought from them Lu but I like the one that I got.

Thanks for sharing..

Dhemz said...

agoy mami, wala man ko nimo kuyoga atong nag shopping ka...imagine tag 97cents...waehehhee....joke...labay ko kadali...miss yah!

nicquee said...

What a steal! Post a picture of them. :)

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