Friday, November 11, 2011

Flowers and Get Well Soon Card

I was sick this week. I had to call my doctor last Tuesday to schedule an appointment. I was lucky enough to see him last Wednesday. I was suffering from discomfort when urinating and my left side around the waist hurts. I had fever and chills Tuesday night.

I had my urine tested and they drawn a tube of blood to be tested when I went to the doctor. I had kidney infection so I had to be given an antibiotic shot on my hips. The shot hurts. It hurts so bad that I had a hard time walking. I also have to take 7 days of antibiotic.

Wednesday, I was still so sick. I still had fever and chills. Thursday I had another day of rest. Today, I feel much better. I woke up early took a very long hot shower and I feel like I am new.

My Mom Lori took care of Andrea while I was sick and Dave was at work. I didn't even have to cook as she let me order a to go food from the Chinese restaurant. Dave did most of the household chores while I was resting.

It was Wednesday night when Andrea and Dave bought the flowers and the card. They are all so sweet.

Thanks everyone!


Elvirah said...

It really feels good when someone brings get well soon flowers and a card, while you are recovering from a sickness. That really brings some kinda motivation to get well soon.

Dhemz said...

pagka sweet tawon kau sa bana ug anak...nau naka mami? kalouy man sad nimo tawon woi.

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