Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crowded Mall

We decided to visit the mall last Sunday because I was looking for a party dress for my daughter. It was very crowded. The foodcourt ran out of tables and chairs. You have to stand by and wait for somebody to be done. There were people every where.

The cash registers at the Victoria Secret was awful. That was the first time that I saw so many people in VS.

Our efforts didn't go to vain as I was able to snag a great party dress for my daughter. I was also able to buy her a toy of her choice and she enjoyed the carousel as always.

While in the mall, it dawned on me that next time I should just buy personalised bags as Christmas gifts because it means I don't need to go to the mall to shop so less hassle.


Chinaren said...

Pfft. I may have once thought that was a crowd too, but after living for ten years in China I know now that's actually light traffic.

You want crowded, come to China just before Spring Festival.

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