Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pinata

My daughter wanted a pinata for her birthday. This was how our conversation goes:

Me: Baby, we don't have a stick thing for the pinata, we will just buy candies okay?
Andrea: But Mommy, the candies are supposed to be inside the pinata.
Me: But, we don't have a stick thing
Andrea: Mommy, in the morning when we wake up, we need to go to the garden and find the perfect stick.

Needless to say she won as she has answers to everything.

When we went to Party City, she saw the pinata. She wanted them. So we had our conversation again..

Me: Andrea we just need to buy the doggy pinata (It was the cheapest)
Andrea: I don't like the doggy pinata
Me: But we don't need a big one. The doggy is perfect.
Andrea: But I don't like the doggy, I like wubbzzy....

Of course you all know what happened next...

The kids had fun though!


A Woman's Note said...

nyahahaha...and the winner is...kinsa pa, eh di ang prinsesa..hahaha

Dhemz said...

hehhee...I just blogged about pinata...ka bibo man tawon kau...mahal raba ni si wubzzy!

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