Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not your typical window treatments

Guest post written by Samantha Robbins

When I first moved into this new apartment, I just bought a bunch of cheap things so that I would have a furnished place. But now that I've been here a few years, I want to make sure that it feels and looks a little more like home. So I've been looking up some ideas about what exactly to do with my windows without spending a whole lot of money. Even though I'm upgrading, I want to also stick to my budget. Curtains are great, but so is eating.

While I was online browsing through Dwell's archives for curtains and window treatments, I saw some info on how to get out of debt. I knew it was definitely some advice that I could put to use, so I read through it and decided to go back to it later. I have a bit of debt that I really need to clear.

I found all kinds of really interesting window treatments that I bookmarked and I'm going to try and make them look really special. There were a few that are definitely my personality and I know that I'll love looking at for a long time, so I can enjoy them for a while.


Mel Cole said...

ayay, bibo ayo kay naay GP diri. hehehe labay ko mommy lulu.

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