Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Clipix Difference

As a homemaker, I have to be creative and must be full of ideas to while away the time of my children here at home. I always look for activities on the Internet that will keep my children busy, I collect children’s books for them to practice reading, I search for recipes that are kid-friendly and that I can make together with my kids. Aside from these, I have to keep myself updated with the latest news, I have to read books too and to pamper myself, I have to shop for me. All these things to do, with so little time. There must be a way to keep all these organized.

Then I discovered clipix, a very useful and helpful tool to help me arrange and put all things in order online. I can make clipboards where I can place all my stuff in a bookmark called “Clip” and even share my clipboards to my friends. I can choose the people too whom I want to share my clipboards with. Now, my stuff is completely organized online and I can come back anytime I want to and check on it.

Why don’t you check out Clipix and sign up, you’ll really see the difference Clipix can make in your life. Let me know by leaving your comments and answer on what are you going to use clipix for?

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