Saturday, March 3, 2012

House Hunting

Last week has been a busy week for us. It was a great week for family bonding too. Kelly and Cameron came to visit and to house hunt. Andrea just loved spending time with both of them. She can play tirelessly with them and whenever she sees Kelly she would just shout in glee and she gets very excited. It is amazing how she remembered Kelly and how they played together last year. She is also so cute whenever she describes Kelly as her new good best friend.

Anyway, Kelly and Cameron came here in Alabama to house hunt because they want to move here. They are from Florida. They have checked some model houses, houses in subdivisions and more. I teased them to just buy one of those steel buildings and put it in Mom Lori's yard.

Kelly and Cameron went back to Florida earlier today. In a week, we will be expecting her parents and her brother to be here to visit.


written_n_urheart said...

was here sis, good luck to ur house hunting;)

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