Monday, March 5, 2012

OUR Weekend Feast

Hubby and I agreed to avoid eating out because it is no longer practical for us. Eating out means spending more or less $70 for one meal and that is too much for us. We are trying to save every nickel that we can so we agreed not to dine out anymore.

Last weekend we were tempted to visit our favorite Joe's Crab Shack because we love to have some crab. Then again we were thinking how much it will cost us. So, we decided to just buy some crabs in the grocery store.

We bought more than 3lbs of crabs and we were feasting on it. I just spent half the amount of what we normally spend in a restaurant. By buying the crabs at the grocery store, we got more and we paid less.


Pretty Kat said...

pagka lami sa weekend kay nag pyesta sa balay ug crabs. Bitaw, maypa sa balay na lang mag luto kay daghan pa, less gastos pa.

Anyway, dia pix namo ni banana hehe. talawan ug pix Lu, dili moatubang ug camera hahaha.

Clavel said...

Hey There sis! Are you open for exlinks? please let me know if you are up to it, i appreciate it very much.
tnx!,BTW thAT dish is so yummy!

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