Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Birthday

I celebrated my 33rd bday last April 2. I was rushed to the ER last Mar 30 so I didn't expect to spend my birthday at the hospital.

Due to some health problems, I stayed in the hospital longer than expected. I spent my birthday with IVs, pills and shots.

Hubby was very nice to visit me that day although I know how busy he was at work and being a "single dad". He brought Andrea with him and spend few hours with me.

The day before that, they gave me a card and a teddy bear and two bouquets of flowers. Mom and Dan also visited me at the hospital that day to personally greet me with happy birthday. The nurse and the doctor did greeted me that day.

I would have hate to spend my birthday in the hospital but at that time, that was the place that I need to be considering what I went through (health-wise)

Now, I am 33 and not in the best of health. I am working on it and I am coping well.


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