Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank you Ging

While I was in the hospital battling high fevers, chills and other pain... there was one thing I wanted to eat. I wanted to eat rice porridge. How I missed my mom that time because mom always make sure to have rice porridge ready whenever anybody of us is not feeling good.

Well, thanks to my friend Ging who visited me and brought a casserole of rice porridge. I ate the porridge for 3 meals. I felt like I was home having a rice porridge.

Thank you Ging for the visit and for the calls.


Rcel said...

Same here, lugaw pud akong savior basta ma-yayay ang show! Maygani mao expertise ni bana nga lutoon (LOL), dali ra ma-grant akong request. Haha. That's good that you have one good friend diha MamiLu nga naka-luto for you!

Stopping by diay ko diri kay gi-link ta ka sa akong post about the juicer which I have just purchased. ;-)

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