Thursday, September 6, 2012

Addicted to Ben 10

I have a nephew that grows up with me. I mean I helped her mom raised him since birth. I was the other Mommy and that is why I am called Momsy at home. I am the "worst" when it comes to spoiling kids. My nephew had a great time. He was there wherever I went. I most of the time picked him up when he was in school. Then when he was in his elementary years, we played a lot of online games. I used to work in our internet cafe so playing games in the computer and playing online was a privilege for us. He got addicted to playing ben 10 games.

Why is Ben 10 called Ben 10? Simply because because his name is Ben Tennyson and he can transform into 10 different aliens. He loved this game so much that he never get tired of playing it. But, as much as I want to, he has limitations. He can only play during weekends when there is no school and after he finished all his school projects and home works.

One of the Ben 10 games that I used to play with my nephew is the bike race . We love to play this game and I had wonderful memories bonding with him through this game. I always remember his smiles whenever he wins. Bike race is a game where you get into your racing suit and help Ben 10 come first in the fun bike race game online. Like any other kids, he also gets frustrated when he loses the game. I have to remind him that sometimes we lose and that what is the most important thing is that we had fun playing.

It has been years since I saw my nephew in person. Their family had relocated to New Zealand while I now live in the USA. Two different continents separated by thousands of miles. We still communicate through facebook and I can't believe how much he has grown. He is now taller than me and no longer the little boy who always clings to me. It is funny though when we talk like adults and tell stories about "Remember the time when..."


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