Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halloween Games

Halloween is a time where kids looked forward to. It is not just about the candies but all the halloween stuff that they can do. I myself is looking forward to Halloween too maybe because I have a toddler who I think will enjoy this Halloween more compared from the previous years. Activities like trick or treat, pumpkin patch visit, trunk decorating, and costume parties are what I like the most. For the kids, they like everything.

In time for Halloween, you can find scary games online to play. You can play exmortis online now. Exmortis is a popular trilogy of flash games created by Australian Ben Leffler. This is really a creepy game. I know some teenagers like to play this game as they said it is very exciting and scary at the same time. The word exmortis can simply be translated to "previous death" in English. The word alone seems too creepy for me. I guess because I am not fond of horror games nor horror movies. I guess I am a little too "sissy" for this genre.

Now, should I choose to play games that is perfect for halloween, I think I will play vampire games. Vampire fascinates me. Besides there are good and evil vampires. Vampire games are not necessarily violent as I found a game like dress up vampire, twilight fashion, vampire dress up and more. I have actually found a website called scaryclip that you can play 18 vampire games. It is a very fascinating place to play your vampire favorite games. The games you can find at scaryclip includes the following:
  • Dress Up Vampire
  • Shroud Vampire
  • Vampire Quiz
  • Twilight Fashion
  • Twilight Kiss Eclipse
  • Twilight Stars
  • Vampire Awakening
  • Vampire Hunter Ina, Vampire Hunter Ina 2, and Vampire Hunter Ina 3
  • Vampire Kissing
  • Kiss of Death
  • Vampire Love
  • Vampire Skills
  • Vampire Slay

If you want to play some halloween online games, just visit Scaryclip.


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