Monday, September 10, 2012

Camps in NY

I have always dreamed of one day visiting New York. I know those famous places like the Rockefeller Center, Manhattan, Central Park, Empire State Building and such are crowd drawers and many visitors came to New York to visit them. Of course, I want to visit them too! But, I also would like to visit the other side of New York. The side where not many tourist will flock. I want to explore New York and its beautiful camps. I would love to experience Camping in New York.

New York is a big state and it is not only known for the above mentioned places. Did you know that there are awesome Camp In NY? Every summer they offer different camps for different age groups. Camping in New York is the place to be where you will learn all about camp spirit. There are different camps located in the Adirondacks and they always offer incredible collection of Summer Camp Programs for teens and kids. They have incredible collection of activities and facilities too. It is during these summer camps where you meet people - campers! Campers from all over the world join together to create a lasting camping memory where they will be challenged with traditional outdoor experiences.

I wish that this coming summer I will be one of those campers in New York. I know that it will be an awesome experience for the family to be able to drive across the country and spend some days to camp in New York. Should that day comes, I have to make sure to check different camping sites so that we can find the best camp site that will be perfect for our lifestyle.

In the future, when budget allows us, I will also like to send my daughter to a summer camp so that she can experience camping with different kids from all over the world and be herself. I think that the most important thing to consider when sending your kid to a summer camp for the first time is to choose a camp that offers first time camper programs. This kind of program will help your first time camper kid. I want my kid to enjoy her first summer camp without us thus I have to make sure that she will feel welcome at the camp.

Anyway, do you plan to send your kids to a summer camp without you? What age should they be?


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