Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dream Lites

This is the famous dream lites that is advertised at the Disney Junior Channel. My daughter is very fascinated with this and has been talking about this.

When we attended a birthday party last few weeks, the birthday girl received a dream lites as one of her gifts. Andrea was more excited than the birthday girl.

She told us that she wished that she will have a dream lites too. We told her that maybe if she will be a good girl Santa will give it to her for Christmas.

Well, Christmas came early as Nana bought my little girl this dream lites. She was so excited and told her Nana that it needs battery too and that we need a screw driver to put the battery on.

She had this dream lites for a week now and she is enjoying it.


Rose said...

My daughter is very fascinated by it too every time the advertiser come on...And I have been contemplating of getting her on for her b-day soon! Lingaw kay man gud cya mag tan-aw sa TV as in concentrate kaau cya! hehehe

Rose said...

advertisement I meant*

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

Im done with toys, gikapoy ko pamunit sa ilang duwaan, i dont think that kind of toys would last in the hand of my rugrats. nice siya, maayo si andrea ky walay kabugno ug guba sa toys

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