Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chat Away

Online chatting and meeting new people has been around and has become very popular over the years. I admit, I am a product of online long distance relationship. I first met my hubby online in one of the most popular free chat sites. I wasn't looking for any relationship at that time. I was enjoying the fact that I can meet people all around the world see them on cam, talk to them about any topic and just know each other and learn about different cultures. It was fun for me. We used to own an internet cafe. I manage them so I had the chance to get online as much as I want.

Hubby and I started as friends for many years until one thing lead to another and we decided to be serious and to make the long story short, we have been married almost 6 years now. Long distance relationship has its share of ups and downs. Marrying a foreigner and relocating internationally is another struggle. But, I am glad I did and I will do it again.

Now that I am living away from my biological family, communicating with them is no longer an issue because internet has provided me with convenience on how to connect with them virtually. There are now many options for them to see my family and to be updated of our lives. There are plenty of social websites that we can update our statuses, there are places to share photos and videos, there are free calls and free chats too.

I know that there are dangers lurking in the internet too. I often remind my little nieces and nephews on how to be a responsible internet users. I also tell their parents to make sure that they are supervising their kids and they have parental controls over their internet use. I suggested for them to check out chat room for kids if their tween kids are into chatting and meeting new people around the globe.


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