Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Solitaire Game

Solitaire game has been around for ages. I remember when I was still young that we played solitaire after we finish our school homework. We have old deck of cards that was already beat up that we kept so as we can play solitaire. We take turns in playing solitaire as we only have one set of cards that we can use. I grew up with my other siblings so we share the card or none of us were allowed to play.

We always have a great time playing. It was a good activity for us. I remember we had other games to play but the playing classic solitaire was usually done around night time before we go to sleep or during rainy days. When the weather is nice, we always play outdoors. We don't have a lot of toys growing up but we had so much fun playing with other kids outside. We play games that doesn't require store-bought toys.

Anyway, when I grew up, I have never forgotten about solitaire. I even learned to play more styles of solitaire. I am lucky to have access to computers and internet thus I am able to play solitaire online and enjoy them. From where I came from, not everyone has access to computer and internet let's say 10-15 years ago. I was blessed that we had our own internet cafe thus I can play online solitaire more often.

Can you believe that until now, I still play solitaire? I love them and I enjoy playing them. It is actually funny that it was only yesterday that my daughter wants to help me play mahjong solitaire with her. It is cute how at the age of 4 she can already find matches and she already learn how to play mahjong solitaire.


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