Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Egg Drop Soup

I don't know but I can never make a good egg drop soup.  My daughter loves this soup.  This is her favorite whenever we go to a Chinese restaurant.

Whoever knows how to make this, I will appreciate it if you can tell me the trick.


Jessica Cassidy said...

My kids do not like any soup in the Chinese restaurant just me :-( so sorry Momi Lulu do not have any egg drop soup recipe for yah :-( I only make instant noodles soup lol :-)
Thank you for joining today's BPC :-)

Raya said...

I do that with any soup mommy, I just crack the egg and stir it with a fork.. I don;t know if this is what you mean, I just looked at the photo. hehe! I do that especially when I put egg into the noodles.

Rcel said...

I don't cook this, di mangaon akong sakop. Di nalang pud ko. And that means wa pud koy recipe mahatag. LOL. I love an egg soup mami nga kamunggay ang sagol. Ka-try na ka ana? Ah lamia ato oi! :D

BPC hop~

emzkie said...

i dont know how to do this too. pero when i make a noodle soup kanang initon nalang gani, ako man ginapabukal ang tubig, tapos ibutang ang noodle, then palungon para dili malata. pagkahuman ibutang ang egg. i let it sit for a minute saka i stir with fork. ambot lang kung mao pud kaha ba ni.


☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

looks refreshing. can i have some. tudlue sd ko mamilu if you know how

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