Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It is More than Video Chat

It is amazing how you can find love in the internet. Yes, I am a proud product of online love affair. I met my hubby through online chatting. Ours was not a typical one. We communicated for years being friends. We got to know each other and our families. After years of chatting, he decided to meet me in person and my family. No compromise no high expectations as we were just friends then. After meeting in person, few months later we decided to put our relationship to the next level. We became boyfriend-girlfriend. Then, few months later, he visited me again and we got engaged. We applied for a visa and to make the story short, we have been married for more than 6 years now.

There are many ways to chat and communicate online. There are well-known instant messaging systems. I actually think, that with the rampant use of internet as a way of communicating, I lost count of all the websites that offer chat, video chat and more. Over the years, there are websites that stands out and their are websites that offer new features to enhance their communicating capabilities. Nowadays, you can even broadcast yourself online and you can talk to anyone in real time.

Have you heard about Loke? Loke is the new place to video chat where no downloads nor sign up is required. You are free to chat live. You also have an option to go to the chat rooms or do avatar chats. Avatar chat allows you to engage in a game with somebody in the site or go to the virtual park and meet people, or perhaps go to the virtual restaurant to relax and meet new people. There is also a virtual hotel where you can do avatar chat. Loke is a website with cool features and it is more than video chat. Why don't you visit and add the LokeBar and start meeting new people?


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