Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dinner with Friends

Before we moved to our house, we live in a different town. Our former place was very accessible to my friends, thus they often come by to our place. Sometimes, we just get together to enjoy some good food and chit chat. It was sort of ordinary for us to just see each other every so often.

Things have changed when we moved because our place is farther from most of my friends already. I though have some Filipina neighbors but they are all working thus they don't have enough time to socialize.

To be honest, I miss those days. I miss those days when I just call them and tell them to come over to share a meal.

Anyway, yesterday three of my friends together with their kids came. I made fish soup and friend fish for us to eat. I also made some dessert. Our kids have fun playing in our yard and when it got late, they enjoyed playing inside too. As for us, we enjoyed the food and sharing some good laughs. It was fun!


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