Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Need

Everybody knows how much I hate loud music and loud sounds. I can't stand them as it gives me headache. My friends even resigned to the idea of inviting me to bar hop with them. I can't stand the bar scenes with all those loud and thundering music. I know that most of my friends love to jive with the love music, it is just not my cup of tea.

The last time my friends invited me to go with them clubbing, I jokingly told them that if the band in the club uses drum practice pads on their drums, I might be convinced but for sure they all want their music to be loud so that everybody can hear them despite the shouts and screams of the crowd, then no way that I am going with them.

Anyway, the drum practice pads is something I would need if I am near a drummer. Did you know that with the use of drum practice pads, the drummer can still practice his skills without much noise that will disturb the whole populace in the area? So, if you know a drummer, you might want to suggest this.


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