Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh no, my Garden ! ? !

We are so excited of our garden. We have been checking them everyday. At first, everything was doing so great then lately we noticed that one by one my veggies are dying! Ugh!!! I am frustrated. I wish so bad to have a good garden but something is not right.

I already put plant food and sprayed something on them but it is not working! This is stressful knowing that I spend a lot of time at the garden already. I am ready to give up but part of me still hopes that everything will turn out okay.

Now, a good friend of mine mentioned that maybe our soil has some kind of bugs that are eating my plants. She suggested to use essentria ic3 insecticide for them. Oh, I really don't know. Half of my mine says just continue taking care of them and see how it goes. Then, I am also thinking of planting new ones too.


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