Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Playing in the Rain

Remember your younger years when it is fun to play in the rain? I do and raining bring back lots of memories of my childhood. I can say that I had a wonderful childhood. We may not have all the toys that kids these days enjoys but we have a lot of outdoor fun. We played the games that every other kid plays during that time and there were plenty of laughter and lots of kids babble and arguments too!

Yesterday, I let my kid enjoy the rain. She played and danced in the rain. Seeing her enjoy it makes me wish that I am a kid myself. Being a kid means nothing to worry about just enjoying the things in life. It would be nice to be free from daily worries but of course, those worries are part of growing up. I am just glad that I am able to witness my kid enjoying a worry-free life (at the moment).


Deli said...

Hello, gaw :) I like the look of this blog. By the way, Marc is in the US na. Did you get to talk already? :) Have a great day!

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