Friday, May 21, 2010

Best Orange Juice

Orange juice is like liquid sunshine, and Americans quaff 1.6 billion gallons, on average, every year. There are different brands of orange juices that is available in every grocery stores. Below is the top orange juice based on the result of Good Housekeeping Research Institute.

These are the top 5:

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Company Gourmet Pasteurized Orange Juice
This brand contains nothing but 100 percent Florida orange juice — squeezed, then pasteurized and shipped (not frozen or stored).

Florida's Natural Premium Home Squeezed Orange Juice
Impressive with its "classic," "pleasingly fresh-squeezed flavor." However, a couple of tasters noted a slight bitterness.

Noble Organic Juice
While some taste testers found Noble Organic Juice too sweet, most enjoyed its "floral" finish and smooth body.

Simply Orange
Several participants found Simply Orange too thin and "a little metallic" tasting, but agreed on its pleasant balance of sweet and tart.

Tropicana Pure Premium Some Pulp
Taste testers deemed the pulp level ideal in Tropicana Pure Premium Some Pulp, but many disliked its slight acidity. One tester said it "tastes like it was made from concentrate."

Is your favorite orange juice in the list above? For me, personally, I prefer a fresh fruit over the orange juice drink.


teJan said...

gi uhaw noon ko dah! maayo gani dia mi tropicana..premium..nyenye! havea great day!

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