Sunday, November 13, 2011

Movie Buff

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

Being a movie buff like I am I got direct tv cinema for the new house and boy have I been loving it. My husband is so great and he’s all about watching old Hollywood films with me but I know if he had his pick he’d be watching some kind of action movie or something. I love that he’s so accommodating like that – it’s one of the reasons I married him! Anyway, I think Cary Grant has to be my favorite all time star. He reminds me so much of George Clooney today and I think part of it is because George is so notoriously private just like the old celebs were. Sometimes we just know too much about our celebrities and that’s what takes the mystery away. I like a little mystery to keep me watching on screen! I don’t know if I’ll ever find a modern day movie I like as much as an old one but I’m going to keep trying!


Dhemz said...

wala ko nimo apili sa GP da...wahehhehe...mau pa dire naa GP...agi ko mami!

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